A young company, formed by young people, with a background of 40 years of experience, thanks to the family tradition specialized in this field. PFI philosophy is based on four inalienable principles: quality, design, flexibility and service. PFI, therefore, adopts stainless steel accessories and hardware as well as first choice prime material; carefully studies the design so that the functional character is always combined with the aesthetic aspect; develops technical solutions allowing different application possibilities to help dealers and importers, makes use of an efficient internal technical department in order to offer customized solution, planning, feasibility evaluation.


From the beginning, PFI pays attention to the factors that affect the product and the service quality, and shows steady care to continuously improve the offered standards. Such principles are even attested by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.
Furthermore PFI engages in environment protection using non-toxic material in accordance to the latest order as far as the CFC FREE matter is concerned.

Company Profile